Tyler Glamorous Laundry Wash

Formulated to Clean Effectively and Safe for All Fabrics, Including Linens or Lingerie!

The Perfect Laundry Fragrance

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    Smell Tyler’s Fragrance The Entire Day

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    Your Laundry Will Be Fresh And Clean

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    Your Friends Will Wonder Where That Glamorous Fragrance Comes From !

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Learn About Glamorous Wash Laundry Detergent…

What do people say about Tyler Glamorous Wash?

— I absolutely love this Diva detergent, the scent is amazingly awesome! The fragrance last for days.

— People tell me all the time I smell so good. This fragrance detergent acts like a perfume!

— This wash is the only detergent I use and it works great… lots of suds and my clothes come out clean.

— Not only does it fragrance my laundry, I use it in the water or steam cleaner when cleaning the floor.

— The most common phrases describing Tyler wash: “I Love”, “it is awesome”, “Diva is the best”, “Smells absolutely amazing!”

Question: How much product do I need to use? How much to add to each load of laundry?
Answer: It depends on your personal preference, needs, and desire on how strong you want the fragrance to be. Some people only use a small cap full per load, as they believe its very strong. Others use the recommended amount of 1/3 cup (or more) per load.

Question: Are there limitation on what type of fabrics or type of wash cycles to use Glamorous Wash?
Answer: In general the answer is no. It is made for high efficiency (HE) washers. People have used it for hand-washing and with hot or cold water. It cleans well with any fabrics or wash cycles. Remember, it is soap 🙂

Question: What size is best for the money?
Answer: When you buy a gallon size, it’s $22 cheaper than buy four 32 oz bottles.