Color It Spring

Spring is in the air! Now that you have emerged from your winter cocoon, it is time for sunshine-filled days, Sunday drives to see the wildflowers, digging in the dirt, sharing a bottle of wine with friends, daydreaming. You are also ready to bring Spring inside to brighten up your space.

Science has shown that color can and does affect us psychologically.

Take stock of your house. Identify the areas that need a fresh pop of color. Create a color scheme. Placing paint colors and fabric selections on a color board allows you to see how well your colors complement each other. If introducing several colors in adjoining rooms, make sure your colors flow smoothly from one room to another creating a smooth color transition.

A good place to start is choosing several pieces of furniture that need a face lift. Rather than spend the money to replace all of those items, the Amy Howard at Home line of chalk paint is a great way to go. The eco-friendly products are easy to work with, even for a novice. This is a simple and cost-effective way to take a tired furniture piece from drab to fabulous in a short amount of time. Classes are available to ensure the best results.

In the bedroom, new bedding can wake up a tired look; maybe what you need are fresh window treatments. New fabrics are arriving daily offering an amazing array of colors and designs to choose from. A new rug and throw pillows here and there, along with an eye-catching piece of wall art, can pull your new look all together.

Your home is the place you go to get away from the stress of work and traffic. You are the one that lives in the space, so fill it with the colors that you love.

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