The Perfect Bed

In today’s world, with the variety of mattress and bed dimensions on the market, it can be difficult to find bedding that fits. The perfect bed can not be found in a bag at the store. It can, however, be custom made just for you.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place that nurtures your soul. Custom bedding, made with fabrics you have personally selected and love, makes your bed a reflection of you. Before making your fabric choice, ask yourself how do you use your bed. Is it a family bed with kids and pets, therefore needs to be washable? Is it for sleeping only or only for show? Do you read or watch television in bed? Your answer to these questions will help you in making the right fabric choice as well as deciding on the number and style of pillows for your bed.

The fabric you choose can complement both your window treatments and that special piece of artwork you have for your bedroom. Fabrics for comfort, romance or whatever mood you want to portray are available. There is a huge selection of fabrics on the market to choose from to ensure you get the look and feel you want.

Consider, if you have a standard size bed with a pre-made duvet cover as a base, custom pillows and shams can give you the special look that you want. A newly upholstered bench or settee at the foot of your bed provides an excellent place to put extra pillows or bedding at night.

If the perfect bed is what you want, there is no substitute for custom bedding. Now is the time to get that luxurious, comforting and romantic bed you have always wanted. You have made your perfect bed – now sleep in it!

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