Home For The Holidays

by Theresa Brooks

This year welcome the holiday season! Embrace the spirit of good will to all. Give all those around you, even that crazy driver in front of you, that little bit of extra grace. Spread kindness and graciousness to all.

When you get frustrated with all the seasonal details ladies and gentlemen remember why we do it. This is why we decorate, this is why we spend time and money on our homes, this is why we work so hard to surround ourselves with beauty, and it is to welcome family and friends, to extend our hospitality and surround our loved ones and friends with warmth and kindness. So that they feel cared for and blessed by the time you have taken just for them. They sense the thoughtfulness you have put into every detail in your home.

This time of year each choice we make extends the warmth of the season to the receiver. We create a sanctuary for ourselves and our families from all the hustle and bustle of this world, a happy place to slow down, to savor and to create a place of peace in this crazy time. It is fun to pull out the soft and cuddly throws. Put a fire in the fireplace, bring out a few games or a jigsaw puzzle to invite everyone to linger and spend quality time together.

In those quiet moments make a resolution to listen more and talk less.

Remember a thoughtful word or gift for hostesses and friends, a delightful scent, some pretty napkins, a special homemade treat, something useable or something silly.

Reach out to those who are far away from home.

This is the time they feel most alone and isolated from their loved ones. It is a time to encourage and give thanks, a time to bless others in any way we can so remember these details may sometimes seem superficial until you hear your friends say they just do not want to leave, you have done it, and they feel blessed.

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