Merry Christmas to All

Christmas is upon us. The tree is up and the stockings hung.

Now that you have finished putting out all of the previous years’ decorations, you realize some are looking a little tired and not quite as festive as before. You also want to add Texas flair to your look this year. A few simple, inexpensive updates along with a little creative thinking can spark new life and fun in your Holiday décor.

Spruce up that wreath with a vibrant new ribbon and bow.

Supplement your Christmas tree with large silk flowers. Also, dust off your unused glass vases or bowls and fill them with bright ornaments to add color throughout your home. New Holiday hand towels for the kitchen and bath are also a great addition. Spell out a Yuletide message with Scrabble tiles and holders. They could also be used as place cards for the Christmas dinner.

To add that Texas flair, decorate an old pair of cowboy boots with a bouquet of holly or evergreen branches. If you have a set of longhorns or deer antlers mounted at home, wrap them in lights for a very festive look. For a Texas kind of Christmas tree, decorate a tomato cage with lights and a garland or red, white and blue bandanas.

These are just a few ideas to help you get the Holiday look that your want for your home. During this time of year, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Just remember, the most important thing is getting to enjoy time with family and friends during this joyous season.

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