First Impression

Summer is here and guests are arriving. What will be their first impression of your home?

With just a few simple creative ideas, you can make your home memorable and inviting to all who visit.

Your home’s exterior is the first feature guests see. Clearing clutter from the lawn and front porch is a quick and easy way to boost the curb appeal. A clear and well marked pathway to the front door lets people know you want them to be there. As your guest makes their way to the front door, you can create a sense of enclosure near the entry with an arbor or trellis. Adding light to the entryway helps your house look welcoming.

One simple but eye catching upgrade to the exterior that many homeowners tend to overlook is a fresh new paint color on your front door. The color of the front door introduces the world to the people inside. Before deciding on a color, consider carefully the style of the door, the siding and any trim around it. The right shade can make a simple cottage door look more sophisticated or make a formal entry friendlier and more inviting.

Once inside, your guests are ready to shed the outdoors. Having a small bench and coat rack at the entry encourages them to come in and stay awhile. A runner draws your guest into your home. A focal point ahead such as a colorful painting or an entry table with a favorite sculpture will draw the eye and make your guests want to see more.

These are just a few suggestions on ways to make your home’s first impression a memorable one. So spruce up the lawn, open up that newly painted front door, welcome in your guests and start making those special memories for your visitors and you as well.

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