Dinner Is Served

The doorbell is ringing. The guests are here. It’s your first dinner party of the season. You have been planning this for weeks.

Did you forget anything? A quick glance at the table sends your thoughts back to all of the preparations that went in to the evening’s event.

It all started about three weeks before when you decided you were ready for a party. In the early stages of planning, the first decisions made were what the theme should be, if any, and the menu. It was fun looking through your recipes again. Aunt Sara’s red velvet cake will be a perfect dessert. Your new cookbooks, Cooking with Texas Highways, Barbecue Crossroads, and Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood, provided wonderful recipes for the other courses. The date and time were set and invitations sent. The next task was a thorough inventory of your china, serving dishes, crystal and silverware. Each item was cleaned and polished. A list was made of any pieces that needed to be purchased.

About a week before the dinner, the house was thoroughly cleaned, furniture arranged, and the lighting chosen for just the right mood. A detailed shopping list was made as well as a cooking schedule. It helped to map out where and when shopping should be done to reduce stress and save time. Just yesterday you finished decorating with fresh flowers, set the table, and got the necessary prep work done in the kitchen.

The day is finally here. Last minute tasks, including opening the wine and lighting the candles, have been done. As you walk to the door to greet your guests, you have a smile on your face, confident in the knowledge that you are prepared for this moment.

It’s time to relax and enjoy yourself. Dinner is served.

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